The School of Health Sciences of Aveiro is pleased to invite you at the first Medical Imaging and Radiotherapy Aveiro’s Meeting (MIRAM 2017), that will take place on 13th-14th of October 2017, at the University of Aveiro, under the motto “Three Paths, One Way”.

We invite you to join us, in this event, to share experiences and knowledge on a joint approach to pressing themes in the fields of Medical Imaging and Radiotherapy keeping in mind the efficient development of these areas, with the final goal of improving life quality of the patients and professionals, as well as the provided health care.

The Meeting will include sessions with academic, technological and clinical nature, as well as industry symposiums performed by the most representative companies in the field. In these symposiums, state of the art equipment and solutions with relevant clinical impact will be presented.


We look forward to meet you all in Aveiro!