General Information


Up to 27th of september 2017




ESSUA/UA Students 15,00€ Certificate of Attendance
Other Students/ESSUA Former Students 25,00€ Certificate of Attendance
ESSUA Collaborators* 25,00€ Certificate of Attendance
Health Professionals /Others 60,00€ Certificate of Attendance


After 27th of september 2017


ESSUA/UA Students 25,00€ Certificate of attendance
Other Students/ESSUA Former Students 45,00€ Certificate of attendance
ESSUA Collaborators* 45,00€ Certificate of attendance
Health Professionals /Others 80,00€ Certificate of attendance



(Limited to 12 participants per Workshop and conditioned to prior meeting registration)

Medical Imaging Fusion 20,00€ Certificate
Clinical Dosimetry  20,00€ Certificate


Dinner** information available soon... Social dinner participation

* Imaging Department Coordinator / Supervisor / Tutor 

** Dinner not included


Rules of registration

  1. Registration will be considered after receive the payment proof, within deadlines;
  2. If applicable, registration will be considered after receive the proof of higher education student from ESSUA / other higher education student / former students of ESSUA / ESSUA collaborator;
  3. A maximum grace period of three days may be granted to present proof required in point 2, after this deadline the registration will be canceled;
  4. Receipt of bank transfer should be presented at the registration desk;
  5. No refunds will issued in case of registration cancelation